Simply Pole Fishing

  England, 5-9 October, 2015 

 Part 3 - Royal Military 

 Friday, 9th October 

On our way back to Germany, we are stopping off to fish the Royal Military Canal with Andy Phelps.

I wanted to use all the time we had for as much fishing as possible and this canal is only 20 minutes from Dover.

Theo bagging on the chopped worm

We parked close to the canal and it was a very short walk to the canal - there was a great path for the trollies.

Roger - happiest (and talking less) when he's catching fish

I fished groundbait and pinkie, Theo as well but later he tried chopped worm, as did Roger. We all caught a few fish to finish off our trip to England.

Roger's catch on the RMC - he had a good week

Everyone is looking forward to returning next year.

Another good days fishing - very happy!

We all caught very well and we could have stayed longer but the ferry was leaving soon.

Theo with a nice net of RMC fish - he had a very good week

It was good to meet up with Andy and fish this great little canal.

Andy Phelps with a few fish from the RMC

After a few hours fishing, a visit to a tackle shop and a quick coffee it was time to head for the ferry. As Roger tried to start his car, surprise - flat battery. He had left the cool box plugged in and completely drained the battery.

Well luck was on his side as an AA van drove past. I stopped the van and he kindly started Roger's car. Disaster averted - time to go home!

Roger and Theo boarding the ferry in Dover - thanks the the AA!

We have had a busy week and caught loads of fish - bites from the first put in until the last. We are all looking forward to a return trip.

Tight Lines.