Simply Pole Fishing

 Sleattemer Gat - Sloten 

Another canal-like venue joining some lakes together. The Deeper Pro came out again before we decided to fish here and we found around 1.8 m depth in the middle, going down to 1.3 m at the sides. A nice depth for the waggler :-)

The Sleattemer Gat - a new venue for me. Great bank and not too deep.

We didn't have to carry the gear very far (about 20 m for me) and I landed on the right side end peg. I can't carry my gear too far with my bad back, and I don't want to aggravate it so early in the trip.

Ready to fish the waggler over towards the far bank. Almost perfect conditions.

Today, I planned to fish just the waggler but also set up 2 pole rigs to fish at 10 m - in case the plan failed.

On the next pegs, Nico, Marco Theo and then Roger

The waggler rig was a Drennan 4g Visi Wag 1, set to just trip along the bottom about 5m from the far bank.

Nico is another Octbox angler - they are extremely good boxes.

The rigs for the pole were a Preston Chianti 4x14 for fishing on the drop, and a Preston Inter Carbon 4x16 for fishing down on the deck.

And another Octbox angler - one day we might even convert Roger.

Expecting Skimmers, I mixed up a bag of Expo with a bag of Roach and Skimmers Natur and fed 10 balls across on the waggler line. I had a few casters, dead pinkies and hemp in the balls, and would loose feed hemp and casters over the top.

Roger getting ready for the start. He likes his new Sensas 776 pole. I'm sticking with Preston and the M70e - maybe even the XS70 next year (all the sections interchange)

Short, on the 10m pole line, I just cupped-in 3 balls of groundbait - the same mix that I put in on the waggler line.

Roger has all his bait ready

Starting on the pole, I was hoping I could put a few fish in the net really quickly - but I didn't get a single bite in the first 10 minutes. I switched over to the waggler and started catching straight away.

I started with a B711 size 15 hook but I was missing a few bites. Shotting changes made no difference and I bumped-off a few fish. I change to a size 13 B711 which cured the problem and I didn't lose any more fish.

Everyone else seemed to be catching a few fish on the pole, so things seemed to be looking good. I fed casters and hemp steadily through the day, and once, when a large boat came through and destroyed the swim I topped-up with another 4 balls of groundbait.

The wind was off our back, but very swirly and it was difficult to present the bait correctly at times. I think the waggler was the best method, and i proved to be good enough to take the money.

I had a reasonable day catching 57 fish for 6,200 g - just a little bit more than Roger :-)

We all had plenty of bites, and I just managed to get my nose in front. Good days fishing for us all.

Roger put together 6,050g on the pole, Nico and Marco both had 5,000g on the pole and Theo had 4,000g also on the pole. I was the only one who fished the waggler.

Sadly, no larger Bream showed up - I think you need to pre-bait this place as there is such a vast amount of water in Friesland and the fish can be concentrated together with some pre-baiting.

This area is definitely worth a try if you are ever up here - although not in the Summer - too many boats!