Simply Pole Fishing

  Wessem-Nederweert Canal - 14.12.2014 

I had planned on going fishing with an old friend today, but he now has family commitments this weekend, and as I have a family day next Sunday, we will not be fishing together until after Christmas.

Roger and Theo have their Christmas fishing match with their local club, which I am sure Roger will write about on the site.

I never knew Napoleon was here…

So I have made my way to the Wessem-Nederweert Canal, just past the Napoleonsbrug. The weather is going to be nice today, so I am hoping for a few fish.

Napoleons Bridge on the Wessem-Nederweert Canal

As always, nothing complicated today, and just one line at 11 metres.

The depth at 11 m is 2.9 m, and I am using a 1 g Drennan Carbo float to fish just touching bottom at the start. Only one rig set up today - I just want a few fish.

I did not find any shelves or indentations on the bottom; it is a fairly flat bottom here.

Keeping my rig simple as always

I have maggots, pinkies, casters and Dendrobaena worms with me today. Groundbait is dark and mixed to break up on the bottom keeping the fish on the deck.

The pole roller is great on a flat bank - just the words are upside down :-)

The water is very cold so I will not be overdoing it with the feed. The chopped Dendrobaena worms should get the fish in a feeding mood – and get me some bites.

My swim for the day - I never fed all the groundbait!

We all have to spend time preparing our kit and making up rigs for fishing. Here is my fishing room where I spend time making rigs and pondering tactics for the next fishing trip.

My fishing room, getting kit ready for the next trip

I'm going to feed chopped Dendrobaena worm and casters in two balls of groundbait via the pole cup.

Out goes a ball of worm and caster

I started on a single maggot, then tried pinkies, then caster, and then a small piece of worm – nothing was working.

I changed depth, just touching, 5 cm on bottom, 15 cm on bottom – I just could not get a bite.

A full cup of fine loose groundbait goes in, I put a single maggot on the hook and promptly missed a bite – at least now I know there is a fish here.

And such a nice day

I had the float dotted down, and went down to a size 22 hook – still nothing.

The Drennan Carbo just does not want to go under!

Time was running out and I need a fish, I want to avoid a blank – not had one so far since re-starting pole fishing.

I have often caught Perch after cupping in a few maggots, so decided to give it a go. I have had a bite, so there are fish here.

A cup with a few maggots

I think the Perch see all the maggots and try to eat as many as possible before they are all gone.

I held the cup 2 m above the water and dropped in the maggots on the 11 m line. The noise might help.

Amazing! A couple of minutes later and this stripey has saved the day! He put up a good fight too.

Thank you Mr Perch – no blank for me today!

There is no denying it, today was the hardest fishing so far. Thankfully, the Perch saved the day and I can go home without a blank on the card.

There is always a risk when trying a new part of the canal – but it could have been really good too. As they say, no risk, no reward.

Next time I will fish a harbour full of Roach! Roger, where is it?

Until next time, Tight Lines,