Simply Pole Fishing

 Preston Innovations Pole Floats 

The Preston Pole floats that I use all the time. Inter Carbon and Chianti.

I don't use many different types of floats. 

Chianti - what more do I need to say. Probably the best pole float design - ever! I have used the Chianti float for decades now, and each new version just gets better and better.  I use them in 4x12 (0.3 g), 4x14 (0.4 g) and 4x16 (0.5 g).

The Des Shipp Commercial Pole Float Range is based around the Chianti float - and the floats are the best you can get. I use the Chianti, the F1 Maggot for on-the-drop and the Carp Pellet for bulk down.

Another Preston Innovations float I use all the time is the Inter Carbon. These are extremely versatile floats and can be used on canals and slow-moving rivers alike. They only go up to 1.5 grams but that covers a lot of my fishing. Unfortunately, floats have now been discontinued and there is no replacement from Preston with a carbon stem. I would like to see the new wire-stemmed Power float with a carbon stem in the future - who knows. In the meantime I will use the DH21 or the Drennan AS6. 

I generally prefer carbon-stemmed floats because they don't jump about as much when shipping out and the bodies are smaller than the wire-stemmed versions. I have never had a problem with stability, and when it gets so windy that the carbon is unstable - I usually can't hold the pole anyway!

I set up a Chianti rig and an Inter Carbon rig on nearly every trip. The Chianti with a strung-out rig and the Inter Carbon with a bulk and 4 or 5  droppers.

The new Power floats from 3 g down to 0.5 g are used when I use a bulk and 1 or 2 droppers. The wire on the Power float is not so heavy. These are very good floats and I'm using them now all the time together with the Inter Carbon and the Chianti. 

The new range of wire-stemmed floats from Preston are very good. I'm using the Power already and hope that they also do this float with a carbon-stemmed version in the future.

Other than the Preston floats above, I also use the Hydra flat float in size 1.5 to 4 grams. These are very good float when the water is pushing through a bit.

Close in I like to use the carbon-stemmed Drennan AS5 is sizes 0.6 g for top 2, and 1 g for top 3. These are great floats for fishing to hand down the edge on the Dutch canals.