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* * * Preston Innovations Absolute 36 Carbon Seat Box * * *

I have splashed out on an Absolute 36 Carbon seat box - what a thing of beauty, and function. I have wanted one of these ever since a saw one last year at a show, and now I have one.

Set up for a session on the River Linge in Zetten.

I have sold my Octbox and all the Octbox accessories, and am now 99% a Preston angler - because I still have a few Dave Harrell pole floats.

I have number 319

So what tipped the decision in favour of the Absolute Carbon? Well, I weighed the Octbox and was surprised to find it weighed-in at 21kg - just the draws and the frame with bump bar. As I need to help my back problem a little - apart from losing some weight - the Absolute Carbon at 12kg (frame and drawers) will help my back problem a bit. It looks awesome as well!

I like the 36mm legs and the OFFBOX 36 accessories are really good. I have many different attachments and adapter for the Carbon.

And now my name is on the box, I know where to sit!

Everything I had that was less than 36mm I gave to Herbert who bought my Octbox - they were of no use to me anymore anyway.

The Offbox 36 snap-lok accessories are also very, very good.

I entered a competition on the Preston Innovations YouTube Channel and won this Absolute 36 Black Edition Box. I've never won a prize competition before, and this was the biggest prize Preston have ever done!

Because I have the Absolute Carbon, I have sold the Absolute 36 Black Edition to Roger Lickfeldt at a greatly reduced price. I hope he gets many years of good use out of this excellent seatbox!