Simply Pole Fishing

 My plan for 2015 

It was by pure chance that I have ended up fishing with Roger and Theo. I made an entry in the guest book, and now I am part of the team and post reports in English on the new website.

I am really looking forward to my first full year fishing with Roger and Theo, and I am sure that we are going to have some great days fishing together. Roger has some great days with some top anglers planned – including a few ex-World Champions!

The Einfach Stippen Team - Steve, Roger & Theo

I will try and make the fishing reports as interesting as possible with details of our tactics, rigs, baits, etc. Despite what some of you may think. there are no secrets in fishing. All of the information you need to catch loads of fish is out there, on the internet and in the numerous fishing books available – you just need to find it. I hope we can bring some of this information to you through our website, and maybe even give you some new ideas. I sincerely hope you enjoy our website and that it helps you to catch more fish.

Over the years I have learnt many different methods, and am now able to adapt quickly to most venues and get some good results. However, I try not to fish too many different venues so I can learn more about each venue and catch more fish. Therefore, in 2015, I am restricting myself to only fishing matches on venues where I have practiced where I think I have a fair chance of winning.

The Twente Canal in Enschede - I can see me fishing a lot here - lovely venue!

Match fishing for me in 2015 will be mainly pole and waggler/slider matches on the canals and the odd feeder match on the River Maas. I also hope to be fishing in the Shimano Cup on the Silo Canal in Brandenburg on the 25/26 April. I have never fished the Silo Canal before, but I am looking forward to having a go for the large shoals of Roach and Bream.

As you fish the same venues over and over again, you will learn how the fish behave and what to do to catch them. Remember, fishing should be enjoyable, so stay in your comfort zone and fish to your strengths when you can. And never forget, if you are sat on your box doing nothing, you are wasting time – keep busy, keep thinking, keep catching!

Good luck in 2015 and tight lines,