Simply Pole Fishing

 Oude Ijssel - Hoog-Keppel - 14.04.2017 

Today I went up to the fish on the Oude Ijssel in Hoog-Keppel with Roger and Nico.

The Oude Ijssel in Hoog-Keppel

They are both fishing a Federation Qualifying match there tomorrow, but I can't as I'm too old! I'm classed as a Veteran (over 55) now, so can't fish in some federation matches.

Peg 9 on the Oude Ijssel, Hoog-Keppel

Nico fished on peg 7, Roger on peg 8 and I dropped in on peg 9. The wind is OK and it's dry - a good start.

Nico on peg 7

I set up to fish the pole at 13 m and short at 4 m. Two rigs on the 13 m line where I had about 3.8 m of water. A 3 g DH13 for worm with a size 16 B560, and a 1.5 g Des Shipp Inter Carbon for maggot/caster with a red size 18 B512.

Three rigs and the cupping kit

Short, I used a Drennan AS5 0.8 g float, 4 m to hand, 0.09 mm bottom and size 20 B512 - set at 1.5 m depth.

I made up some simple groundbait - a 50/50 mix of Secret and Expo - and added some dead maggots, caster and dead Joker.

Simple groundbait mix today - Secret and Expo

Roger and Nico are fishing with Bloodworm and Joker, but I just have some old frozen Joker that I've added to the groundbait - no Bloodworm for me today.

Maggots, Pinkies, Caster, Hemp & Worms - and reading glasses for my old eyes!

I started by cupping-in 2 balls with some concentrated food and then balled-in 6 more balls. Roger and Nico balled-in about 10 balls of Joker in Leam.

Roger on his new Preston Innovations box with the 13 m X7

I started short, throwing in a small nugget of groundbait every few minutes. After 20 minutes I hadn't had a bite. Nico had caught some small fish already but like me, Roger was also bite-less.

Fishing short in the cabbages - 1.5 m deep. The float is marked by the black circle.

I changed to 13 m and after another hour, switching between rigs, I still hadn't had a bite. I was still feeding the short line, so went back for another go - nothing!

After switching lines regularly, feeding at 13 m and 4 m eventually I had a bite - at 4 m. Then, for the next 5 minutes I had a battle with a Tench.

A bit of a battle with light elastic

On No. 6 slip elastic it put up a good fight and I didn't have much control. I added the No. 4 and 5 sections and it was OK.

Yes! Battle Won!

Yes! Battle Won!

It was great to eventually be able to slip the net under it. It went 1.46 kg - or 3 lb 4 oz.

First Tench of 2017 - 1.46 kg

Not big, but more than welcome. It took a single maggot.

I decided to to stay short to see if there were any other fish there, and within 5 minutes I had another Tench on.

Tench No. 2 hits the bottom of the net

This one was a bit smaller at 1.12 kg - but who cares about weight when bites are hard to get.

Shortly after that I decided to try out at 13 m again but there was just nothing out in the deeper water. A quick try short before packing in brought no further bites.

Nico had a few fish, but he'll need more tomorrow.

I think Nico and Roger are going to have a hard day tomorrow. There are two 13-peg sections and you have to be in the top 3 in each section to qualify for the National Final. Unless you catch some big Bream and Tench I don't think you will qualify.

This brace of small Tench put a smile on my face!

I was lucky to catch the two Tench. Nico had a dozen fish and Roger four. The weather forecast for tomorrow is a bit like today with perhaps more Sun - so the short line might work.

Roger and Nico are both prepared for the match - now all that's left for me to do is to wish them GOOD LUCK!