Simply Pole Fishing

 Wildervanck Canal, 19 May 

Roger chose to come up to this canal today - after telling me some stories of big Bream, I decided it sounds like it may be worth a go.

Another dream peg with a great platform and the car parked behind me - bliss!

The canal here is about 2 - 2.4m deep and 35m wide. There are 90 platforms along the stretch and today I'm fishing peg 89, Roger is on 88.

These are big well-built platforms and perfect to fish from. The angling club should be proud of them.

We have both decided to fish only with the pole today - but it is screaming the waggler to me.

Roger making final preparations on peg 88.

After plumbing up, I found 2.2m at 11.5m with a gentle slope coming towards me, with no ledges or holes to be found. I confirmed this with the Deeper Pro Sonar Ball.

I decided to just fish one line today at 11.5m. It's a pleasure session and I'm not practicing for any matches - just a leisurely day. Roger decided to fish at 11.5m as well - on peg 88 to my left.

Worms, Casters, Maggots, Pinkies, Hemp (on a different tray) and sweetcorn for today.

I mixed up some groundbait and added some casters, hemp and sweetcorn. At the start at 09:50, I cupped-in 6 balls at about 11m using a prominent willow tree on the far bank as a marker.

Zammataro Kanal Mix Black and Turbo Cloud Roach & Skimmers Natur - passed through a pinkie riddle when dry to removed larger particles.

The wind was quite blustery but I should be able to fish at 11.5m all day.

The three rigs I chose to use today. The yellow tip worked well against the darker background of the water-reflected tree-line.

I set up 3 rigs on my top 2's which are 3.05m long. A 4x14 Preston Chianti, a 4x16 Preston Inter Carbon, and a 1g Preston Inter Carbon.

First Roach of the day.

The 1g rig was for fishing hard on the bottom for the Bream. The 4x16 rig for fishing bulk-down (positive), and the 4x14 Chianti for fishing on the drop.

After feeding the groundbait at the start, I began the session on the Chianti rig. With a 0.09mm bottom and a Kamasan B611 size 18 hook, I should still have a chance of getting out a big fish if I hook one.

Nice Rudd in here

I stayed on this rig for about 45 minutes and caught about 10 fish. Then I changed to the 4x16 rig which had a size 16 B611 and a 0.10mm Accu Power bottom. Bites slowed down considerably. I fished at dead-depth, with 5cm on bottom and with up to 15cm on bottom. No difference.

I had one or two Rudd as well. You can catch I lot of these on the waggler up in the water - but Roger has banned the Waggler for today.

Then I switched to the big 1g rig with a size 13 B711 hook and 0.12mm Accu power bottom. I had a couple of pieces of worm on this rig fished over-depth. Not a whisper.

I went back onto the Chianti rig and starting catching again almost immediately. I set the rig to about 2-3cm on bottom - not much more than dead-depth really. I single maggot was doing the damage.

After 19 fish I struck into something a bit bigger, and 45 seconds later I had an 800g Bream in the net - it was bronze, so I'm calling it a Bream!

After catching the Bream I decided to change tactics and concentrate on the heavier rigs for Bream. Alas, apart from 2 Perch and a small silver Bream on the worm this just did not work and was a waste of about 90 minutes.

A switch back to the Chianti rig and I was soon catching fish again - mostly Roach between 100g and 300g. I was loose-feeding maggots, caster and hemp regularly with my throwing stick, and that seemed to keep the fish interested.

Roger with a nice net of fish on the 11.5m pole.

At the end of the day I had 53 fish for 5.100g - if I had stayed on the Chianti rig, I think 10 Kg was on the cards.

A small Bream, 5kg of fish and a chubby angler badly in need of a hair cut.

Roger had 51 fish for 4700g and was happy with the result. I think both of us could have caught more fish though.

It is often a problem when you fish so many different venues, that you just don't quite get it right on the day. I'm sure with some practice 12-15kg would be possible on the pole - without any bonus Bream.

I will come back and fish this venue again later in the year with all of the Einfachstippen Team.