Simply Pole Fishing

 Here you will find all my fishing reports for 2017 

One problem here in Holland is that there are not many big matches, and finding a match at the weekend is very difficult. There are very few commercial fisheries - and that is OK with me - so the majority of matches are on the canals and big rivers.

Feeder fishing is a predominant method, mainly because you can get some big bags of fish. I fished the feeder a lot many years ago on the Maas, and I do go feeder fishing, but these days I prefer to watch the float go under.

Hopefully I'll find some good matches on some good pole venues and get a few good results in 2017.

The highlight of 2017 was without doubt 30 Bream on the feeder for 56 Kg from peg 33 on the Voorne Canal. Amazing fishing.

One highlight for 2017 will of course be the Overseas Challenge in May. I am organising it this year and will be travelling up there quite a lot to get the venues sussed out.

Bring it on 2017!