Simply Pole Fishing


Because we had such a good day here last time we decided to fish this venue again after our day off.

A big comfortable platform to fish from. I just wish that this venue was closer to my home.

This time the wind seemed a bit stronger, and as we had seen Phil's good feeder weight, I opted for a feeder only day today. 

Feeder rod ready - it was a quick and easy set-up today.

I only set up one feeder rod, my Preston Competition Pro 12' medium feeder rod, with a Preston Centris NT420 reel loaded with 4lb Dave Harrell feeder mono. 

Vince was to my right on peg 3 and Phil to my left on peg 1.

Hook-length was the pre-tied Preston N30 to 0.13 mm Reflo Power line. The line was shortened from 1 m down to 60 cm and I was ready to go. I get all my hook-lengths ready-tied from Hengelsport Kruidenier in Haaksbergen. I highly recommend that you try these ready-tied hooks. 

Roger really struggled today and only managed to put 8 lb 3 oz on the scales.

VDE Black Earth and Zammataro Roach & Skimmers Cloud Natur was my groundbait - the same as every day. 

Martin's 18 lb 10 oz was also a low weight on the day, but both Roger and Martin tried to fish the pole for a long time. Catching Bream on the pole is great fun, but it doesn't always work - especially in such windy conditions.

Casters, chopped-worm and dead maggots went into the groundbait and through the feeder.

Vince with his 56 lb 8 oz net of Bream on the feeder.

Bites came fairly quickly and after about 20 minutes I had my first Bream. As long as there were chopped worms going through the feeder I would catch Bream - but you could put anything on the hook. Most of the day I used double white maggot to catch the fish.

Phil's 59 lb 13 oz was second on the day, and more than he caught on the first visit the Helomavaart. Awesome venue.

If there wasn't enough chopped-worm in the feeder I would start catching the smaller Skimmers and Gusta. 

78 lb 9 oz! What a great day's fishing.

This was without doubt a good days feeder fishing for me - one of the biggest feeder weights I've had in recent years. In fact, it was on the Voorne Canal in 2019 that I last fished a feeder rod. I love pole fishing just too much :-)

I big leap in the overall standing for me today.

I now have a lead of 18 lb 2 oz going into the last day on the Veen Canal. Fingers crossed.