Simply Pole Fishing

 Zuid-Willemsvaart Canal, Weert - 14.07.2015 

Today I had a few hours spare for a quick trip to the Zuid-Willemsvaart Canal in Weert. The weather is not perfect with a strong breeze and intermittent rain.

I fished just above the lock

I'm fishing the canal just above the lock where the canal is about 50 metres wide. The depth is exactly 2.75 metres from my feet out to about 11.5 metres, where in then shallows up a bit. The nearside has been dredged as this is an area where boats can lay up.

Mixing up some groundbait - and as always, putting it through the sieve

As it is very windy today, I have opted to fish just one shorter line at 8 metres using 8.9 metres of pole (Top 7).

I'm using a Preston Solid No. 6 elastic on the light rig and a Preston No. 8 on the heavier rig.

Lubricating my elastics - here the No. 8

Always lubricate your elastic regularly.

I set up just two rigs. The lighter rig was a 1 g G-Tip 2 to 0.11 mm main line, 0.09 mm bottom and a size 20 B611 hook. The olivette was set about 80 cm from the hook and a had 3 droppers.

My two simple rigs for today

The second rig was a 1.5 g G-Tip 2 to 0.11 mm main line, 0.09 mm bottom and a size 18 B520 hook. The olivette was set about 60 cm from the hook and I had 2 droppers.

After 5 minutes my first fish - a nice Roach

I fed six balls of groundbait containing some casters and then every few minutes I fed a small nugget of groundbait over the top.

Nice looking fish

I began on the lighter rig and started to catch a few Roach and had about twenty when unfortunately a large barge came through and completely ruined the swim. 

Today I managed to get 19 Roach and 2 Perch for exactly 1700 grams.

The lock in the background - Sluis 16 - on the Zuid-Willemsvaart

It could have been a good day were it not for the mini Tsunami - created by the boat that decided to park right next to me!

I am going up to the Berkel on Thursday to fish with Roger, and to the Linge on Friday with Roger and Theo. Looking forward to a few fish on the waggler.

Tight Lines,