Simply Pole Fishing

 River Amstel - 08.04.2017 

Today I went up to the River Amstel near Amsterdam.

It is almost in the middle of a city, but so peaceful

My wife was visiting a show, so I had a few hours on the river. It was a pleasant day and I was looking forward to a few hours on the pole.

The yellow top was really easy to see against the dark background.

I just fished with 1 rig today, a Dave Harrell 1g DH13, on 0.13mm Reflo Power main line. Hooklink was Reflo power 0.10mm and I used a size 18 B611 hook. A Drennan olivette with 3 No. 9 droppers finished off the rig.

You could see that float a mile away - dot it down a bit!

I mixed up a kg of VDE Secret groundbait - more than enough for this short session - and cupped-in three balls at 11.5m. I had some hemp and casters in the groundbait - but only a few.

My swim on the river. Plenty of boaters out enjoying the sunshine as well.

With white maggots on the hook I started to fish, feeding hemp and maggot over the top with a throwing stick. Too many people around to risk using a catapult.

It's always good to get the first fish in the net. Today, a nice little Bream.

It wasn't long before I got my first bite, a nice Skimmer. The bites came fairly regular and I was having a pleasant day's fishing.

My M70e pole is proving to be very good. Light and stiff, and I now have plenty of top kits.

I topped up with another ball of groundbait when the bites died down, and the fish were back straight away.

A lovely Roach on the pole.

A few of the rowers came very close, annoying when you think how wide the river is here. No damaged done though.

The Preston Original Slip No. 6 yellow elastic was doing a great job. I only have it through 1 section - about 1.2m of elastic.

A nice net of fish after a few very pleasant hours on the river Amstel in the middle of Amsterdam.

At the end of the session I had a nice little net of fish. I'll have to come back here with the Einfachstippen anglers, I'm sure we'd have a good day. Now it's time to go and pick up my wife.

Tight Lines,