Simply Pole Fishing


We called in to fish this canal on the way home. This canal joins the Beukers canal but it is narrower and shallower than the Beukers canal. There are so many venues up here to fish the waggler.

Plenty of protection from the elements here.

We chose a spot where we had the wind off our back and where we had some shelter from the now colder easterly wind.

View down the canal. Another nice bank and car close by - all the gear could stay dry in the car - bonus!

With rain forecast for the whole day, once again I opted for the waggler and didn't even bother to set up the pole. We have not had much luck with the weather this week. I have fished to waggler on 4 days out of the 5 and had great results - the pole is not always the best method.

All the bait stayed nice and dry under the brolley
Just a few balls of Expo today - this is a 1kg bag

I guess the highlight was when Roger's sole fell of his boot - Roger wasn't laughing, but then he also hadn't caught many fish.

I fished across to the far bank again in the 1.5m deep water - it was only 2m in the middle. A 3g Drennan Visi Wag with No. 6 Stotz down the line did the trick.  

Casters were OK on the hook, but maggots were much better. The worm didn't work for me here.

After a missed bite with casters, you have to bring the rig back and re-bait. With maggots, you can just leave it there and still get another bite. Fish will still take a ragged maggot, but seldom a shelled caster.

Everyone had a few fish on the last day. Time to go home and dry out now.

I caught plenty of fish and weighed in 3,680g for top weight on the day. Marco weighed 3,200g, Theo 2,120g, Roger 1,780g and Nico 1,480g. Not the best weights but at least we had bites all day.

Happy with my 3,680g (8lb 2oz) today. It was hard work - but it's always good to get a few fish.

Roll on next year.