Simply Pole Fishing

  Twente Canal, Enschede - 15.02.2015 

Today we were all fishing on  the Twente Canal opposite the Twente Stadium and we will be fishing here for the next 3 days. There was a bitterly cold wind blowing in our faces today and the water was very cold - at least it was not raining.

My swim opposite the Twente Stadium

Roger was sat to my right and Theo to his right.

A few Bloodworm for the hook

Today we were going to fish with Bloodworm and Joker that I picked up from Guido Nullens shop in Belgium yesterday.

While plumbing up, I found a couple of small indentations at about 12 metres, and from about 11 metres to 5 metres it was very flat. The depth increased by a few centimetres from 5 metres to the bank.

Fishing at 12.5 metres

I decided to fish at 12 metres and 4 metres. I will be using some new floats that I picked up from Jo Adriolo's shop yesterday. Jo has the floats made by hand and I wanted to give them a go. I bought two of each size in 1, 1.5 and 2 grams. Amazingly the depth at 12 metres was exactly the same as the depth at 4 metres - to the cm!

My new rear pole support and the Octbox front support - steady as a rock!

I had an olivette about 40 cm from the hook and a No. 11 dropper about 20 cm from the hook. Main line was 0.10 mm with a 25 cm 0.08 mm bottom. Hook at the start was a 22 B512 which I later changed to a size 18 B512.

My new Preston Super Pro V Pole Roller made short work of the high sloping bank

I was using quite a bit of my new Preston kit, including the Super Pro V Pole Roller and the Mega Side Tray. I must admit to being a big fan of the V pole roller.

My set up including my new Mega Side Tray

The Mega Side Tray is more than big enough for all my bait and I can fix an additional bait waiter the the threaded end of the supporting leg. It fits great onto my Octbox too! The Preston Pole Sock protects the pole at the other end and is really easy to use; it certainly speeds up un-shipping the pole.

Roger unhooking a small Perch

I decided to put just one small ball of groundbait with Joker on the 4 metre line and I fed five balls of groundbait with Joker on the 12 metre line - all with the pole cup at the start.

Small nuggets of groundbait and Joker fed by hand

Later, I just fed small balls of groundbait with Joker by hand.

I started at 12 metres and after an hour it became obvious that it was going to be a hard day. I changed from the 12 metre line to the 4 metre line several times - but no bites. I also swapped from the 1 gram rig to the 1.5 gram rigs several times, and adjusted the depth from 6 inches off bottom to 6 inches on bottom. The usual 'just touching' just did not work.

I changed from a 22 and single and double Bloodworm to an 18 and a bunch of Bloodworm and got a bite.

Tommy saved me from a 'Water-licking'

My reward for today was just a solitary Tommy Ruff. It was hard and the wind was cold. Thankfully, my Preston clothing kept me warm and I will be back with Roger tomorrow for another go.

Roger had a Perch and Theo had a Perch and two Tommy Ruff - victory to Theo today! I may have been third! :-)

I will post some more detailed information about my rigs after tomorrows attempt at catching a Roach.


On the Monday we moved about 200 metres to the right closer to the bridge and I caught 3 Tommy Ruff. After the fishing we went to see our sponsor Michael Zammataro's new factory in Essen.

After having a good look round it was time for a photo with Michael

We decided to fish the same pegs again on the Tuesday. Theo had to work so it was just me and Roger.

Our swim for the second and third days

The weather remained really cold and the water was all but freezing. Roger caught a small Perch after a few hours and he also managed to get a Tommy Ruff.

Roger about to net a small Perch

On the third day we decided to try a different groundbait approach - the X22 Red from Zammataro smells great.

Zammataro X22 Red with some VDE Secret

I'm sure when I find a venue with some fish in it I'll get them feeding over this groundbait.

No cordless drill in sight!

The sieve and bucket are much easier to use than my old sieve.

Roger 'cupping-in' with his new Preston Pole Cup

The water was pulling sometimes to the left and sometimes to the right, but 1, 1.5 & 2 gram rigs where all that was required.

Ok, lets start again - groundbait gone, fish gone - if they were ever there!

When the boats go past you have to start building up the swim from scratch - the shallow water turns into a raging torrent.

The fishing was hard every day but I managed a few Tommy Ruff.

It's bigger than Roger, so I'll give it a weight of 80 kg!

After 3 days on the canal I have caught a grand total of 5 fish - 4 Tommies and a footballer (Perch).

Dedicated or mad - I'll let you decide.

Tight Lines,