Simply Pole Fishing

 Twente Canal, Enschede - 26.03.2016 

Today, I travelled up to the Twente Canal in Enschede to fish with Roger and Theo. A peg opposite the Twente Stadium is where I will try and catch a few Roach and maybe even a Bream or two.

There is a strong southerly wind today putting a nice chop on the water. The problem is, it is creating a horrible swell as the waves bounce off the tins. This will make presentation more difficult.

Opposite the stadium where FC Twente play football

I'm using this trip as a practice for the first 'De Karper' League Match to be held here on the 9 April.


All methods are allowed in the match, but I will be sticking to the float. I will fish the pole at 4 and 12 metres, and also the waggler at about 16 metres.

The 4 metre rig is a 1 gram Drennan G-Tip 2 with an olivette and a couple of droppers. Line is Reflo Power 0.13 mm to a 0.10 mm bottom and a size 20 B560 hook.

Pole rigs - Keeping it simple!

At 12 metres, the rig is the same but using a 1.25 or 1.5 gram Drennan G-Tip 2.

The waggler is a 2.5 gram Drennan insert waggler fished on my Absolute 14 ft match rod and Shimano 4000FA Match reel loaded with 3 lb Maxima.

This simple waggler rig will always catch you fish!

I have a 30 cm bottom of 0.10 mm Reflo Power line joined to the main line with a micro swivel.

Note: The micro swivel weighs about the same as a No. 8 shot but sometimes I add a No. 8 shot just above it to give it more weight.

Andreas fished with us today as well. He had a few small fish.

The bulk was actually 4 No. 6 shot, and I had another 3 No. 8 shot on the line. I have 20 cm of line on the bottom at the start, just letting it run through the swim with the flow. If you snag on the bottom, go up to a size 18 and slip the hook inside a caster - or shallow up!

At the start, the waggler line is fed with six balls of groundbait with caster and chopped worm, and then left alone.

The conditions were good, but the water was still very cold - the fish were ice cold

The 12 metre pole line is also fed with 6 balls of groundbait containing some casters and chopped worm and also left alone.

On the 4 metre line, I am feeding a small nuggets of groundbait with a few pinkies every few minutes.

 The Session 

After feeding the waggler and 12 metre pole lines, I have started on the 4 metre line. After 30 minutes - nothing. I then tried the waggler line, and after 30 minutes - nothing. Then it was on to the 12 metre pole line, and after 30 minutes - yep, nothing!

My peg opposite the Twente Stadium

I went back onto the 4 metre pole line and on the 2 hour mark I had a Goby, and about 10 minutes later a 4 oz Roach.

The first Roach after 3 days fishing!

I kept giving the waggler and 12 metre pole a go, but had no indications on these lines.

Scaling down to a 0.07 mm bottom and a 22 hook with single Pinkie made absolutely no difference on the long pole - the fish were just not interested, or not there.

Your truly fishing the 4 metre line

After a while, Theo came for a visit and I caught 2 more Roach while he was there - all on the 4 metre line.

A small Roach on single maggot

Roger came down for a chat as well and I promptly caught 2 more Roach.

A nice Roach on the short pole on its way to the net

 The Result 

The session has been hard for us all, but I managed a few nice Roach on the inside.

Theo had some small fish - it was hard work!

Theo had a few small fish on the 12 metre pole and the feeder. It was a real struggle to get bites.

Roger had a few small fish too

Roger had a few fish on the Pole, but it wasn't such a good day. He used his Preston X7 pole at 12 metres.

At last a few fish from a nice canal. The weather is getting better all the time.

At least I have had a few fish and I'm now looking forward to my next trip during the week. The good thing is that I have a plan for the match on the 9 April - over-sleep and miss it!

My small net of nice Roach

I think a trip to the Zuid-Willemsvaart Canal is in order.