Simply Pole Fishing

 Some successes, some failures...

I've been fishing four times in the last few weeks and I've had some successes and some failures.

 Twente Canal 

I love the Twente Canal in Enschede. I went up here with Roger and was targeting the Bream.

Unfortunately, the Bream had other ideas so I ended up going for the smaller fish. Managed to put together 2.750 kg of Perch fishing at 4 metres.

60 Perch from the Twente Canal

I just fed small nuggets of Sonubaits maggot fishmeal groundbait every few minutes and the Perch seemed to love it.

Fished a maggot or a small worm on the hook, but didn't feed any worms.

Roger playing a nice Roach

My rig was a 1 gram Carbo on 0.11 mm main line and a 0.09 mm bottom to a red Kamasan size 18 B520 hook.

Roger had a harder day today catching a few fish on the long pole and a couple closer in.


A new venue for me, the Zandfang is a 80 m wide basin that is about 3 metres deep in the middle.

Zandfang. A great bank and the car is behind you. Another visit is on the cards when the weather cools down.

I set up 2 pole rigs and a 2 gram insert waggler.

My new Octbox

The fishing was hard, the fish were just not interested in feeding in the high temperatures and blazing sunshine.

4 Roach. It was hard.

I only caught 4 Roach on my gear and caught 2 Roach on Roger's waggler while I was visiting his peg. Roger had 8 fish, Theo had 4 fish and Nico had 2 fish.

 Berkel in Borculo 

This is a stretch of the Berkel I hadn't fished before, and it's a lovely bit of river.

Playing a big Bream on Roger's pole

I used 2 kilos of fishmeal groundbait that I won in a competition - what a big mistake.

The fish just wouldn't settle over it, and what you have put in you can't take out. I should have stuck to my standard groundbait.

A poor effort from me today. Didn't have my match fishing head on

I managed to get 4 Roach on casters to the right of where I put the groundbait.

Roger with 8.5 kilos of fish - including my Bream and Roach :-)

The Berkel near Borculo

Roger did well, and even let me catch a 2+ kilo Bream and a nice Roach on his pole while he was packing away.

Me sat on Roger's box on the Berkel

We are coming back here next week to fish it again.

 Wessem-Nederweert Canal 

I like this stretch of the canal near the 13.5 km marker post. The water was very clear today - I could see the bottom 3 metres down. It was like tap water.

I caught 10 Gobies and realising it was hopeless I went home for an early lunch.

Zammataro - great groundbait!

I mixed up my standard groundbait mix which I have found works very well - but the Roach were never going to feed in the clear water and bright sunshine.

Hopefully it will be better next weekend.