Simply Pole Fishing

  Het Meertje, Nijmegen - 19.06.2016 

For various reasons, I haven't been fishing for a while, so it was nice to get out on the bank today. I took a drive up to Nijmegen to fish the Het Meertje - a small canal-like drain.

With the wind off our back, this was a perfect spot.

I met up with Roger at 8 o'clock and after finding two swims we started to set up.

My swim for the day - plenty of reeds over on the far bank.

We both set up a waggler rod and the pole.

I used a 3AAA insert waggler to 3lb Maxima main line, a 0.11 mm Reflo Power bottom and size 18 B560 hook. The bottom was attached via a swivel to stop line twist, and I had a bulk of 4 No. 8s above the swivel.

I chose an area about 5 metres from the far bank in slightly deeper water.

My pole rig was a 0.5 g Drennan G-Tip 2 on 0.13 mm Reflo Power mainline and a 0.11 mm bottom. The rig was finished off with a size 18 B560 hook.

Roger to my left, concentrating on his waggler.

I was going to fish about 5 metres from the far bank with the waggler and at 10.5 meters with the pole.

Playing my first Bream

On the pole line we both had a depth of 1.9 metres, and about 20 cm less over on the waggler line.

The Bream hits the surface

I fed about 12 small balls of groundbait on the pole line and the same over on the waggler line.

The first Bream is safely in the net

The groundbait was the new Sonubaits Maggot Fishmeal with some Zammataro Roach and Skimmers with a few casters and pinkies.

I loose fed maggots and casters over the top of the groundbait on the waggler line, but left the pole line alone.

The second Bream of the day - and that was it!

I started dead depth and had fish, but they didn't want it hard on the bottom. After about 4 hours we called it a day as it was very hard to get bites.

The Bream were still spawning, so it was always going to be a hard day anyway.

Roger struggled and didn't managed to get a bite. It will be different when we come back in a few weeks and the Bream have finished spawning.

Just 2 fish for the camera - nice ones though.

I managed to get two bites and was rewarded with 2 Bream of about a kilo each. I'm looking forward to giving it another go soon.