Simply Pole Fishing


The Helomavaart is a venue I've fished once before when I came up with Ingo and Roger during the winter. We had quite a few Roach on the pole and it showed much promise.

All of the pegs on the Helomavaart have wooden platforms, so it is very comfortable to fish.

There have been rumors that the Bream were in the canal, so we were all hopeful for a few fish.

All set up on my peg for the day - peg 4. Phil was to my right on the feeder, and Roger was to my left on the pole.

I opted to fish the pole today with Roger, but Phil, Vince and Martin opted for the feeder. If the Bream feed well, Roger and I could be in for a good stuffing.

All I could see of Roger through the reeds.

I set up 3 rigs. A Chianti 4x16 rig, an Inter Carbon 4x18 rig and a 1g Power rig. 

Groundbait balls made up ready for the start and all my baits available for today. Let's go!

At the start I cupped-in 10 balls rich in casters, dead maggots and chopped worm. Then I loose fed hemp and casters over the top all day long.

Roger weighed-in 19 lb 13 oz today. It was a good weight but last on the day. He was a bit frustrated at not being able to get many Bream.

I quickly started to catch small Roach and skimmers and it was to continue like this until I got my first Bream after about 2 hours. The bites from the Bream were very delicate. I caught all but one Bream on the light 4x16 Chianti rig. 

With 21 lb 10 oz, Vince managed 4th on the day. He was happy with his catch today.

The fish wanted the bait just dead-depth and they very slowly stopped the bait for the float to just dip under the surface very slowly. As soon as I put in balls rich in chopped-worm, the small fish disappeared and the Bream return. When the Bream were there it didn't matter what was on the hook, they just ate everything.

I had a very enjoyable day today catching about 12 Bream and loads of small Roach and Skimmers. I really thought I was going to get hammered by the feeder anglers, but I managed to stay close to them.

Martin put 33 lb 10 oz on the scales - all on the feeder.
I just managed to get my nose in front of Martin for second place on the day. My 33 lb 15 oz just made it.
Phil's 45 lb 9 oz dominated the day and pushed him to the top of the leaderboard.

Phil had a great day on the feeder, and could have had much more if it wasn't for some blank spells during the day. 

After a great performance on the feeder, Phil has nosed his way in front of me in the overall standings.

We will definitely coming back here for another match.