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  Albert Canal - 18.01.2015  

Today we were on the Albert Canal near Gellik in Belgium. I will be fishing with Theo today, Roger with Helmut and Guido Nullens with one of his friends.

We fished here today - a deep wide canal

We will be using Bloodworm and Joker to try and tempt some of the canal's Roach.

Helmut, Theo and Steve - hoping for a good day

It was interesting watching Guido mix up his groundbait. First he made a 'Leam Cream' with water.

Guido's mixing 'Leam Cream'

Then he added it slowly to his groundbait whilst mixing with the drill.

Mixing 'Leam Cream' with groundbait

It was a heavy mix for the 5.5m deep water. Theo and I stuck to the more conventional and just mixed a heavy Roach groundbait with some Leam. We added our Joker and balled-in at the start on the 9.5 metre line.

Our peg today - we had 50 metres between us.

Theo was using a 1 gram rig and I was using a heavier rig of 1.5 grams. I had 0.10 mm main line through to a 0.08 mm bottom and a size 18 B512 hook. Not light but it worked.

My Bloodworm rig for today - I'm still learning about this bait

We had 5.5 metres of water from 5 metres out to 13 metres, so we decided to fish close at 9.5 metres.

One of my better Roach

We started to catch fish fairly quickly, just Roach from about 25 grams up to 50 grams.

B512 Size 18 with 2 Bloodworm - later 4 Bloodworm worked better.

The bites were different to normal bites when using maggot, casters of worms. The fish take the float just under the surface and hold it there.


If you strike straight away you miss nearly every bite! You have to let it go under, wait 2 seconds and then strike. It's as though the fish are taking the bait tail first. Strange.

After an hour or so I lost a big Perch, then shortly after Theo had one.

Theo's first Perch

And then another. He told me he had some fish on pinkie and Bloodworm - but I only caught on Bloodworm.

Another nice Perch in Theo's landing net

If we could catch a few more of these then we would quickly build up a good weight.

After about 3 hours we stopped catching and decided to re-feed with six balls of groundbait each. This did the trick and we started catching again.

Another big Perch on the line

This time he did not get away.

Who would not be happy with a big Perch!

I took a walk down to Roger and Helmut to see how they were doing.

Roger perched high above the water - his only Perch today ;-)

They had both had about 10 small Roach each. His fish were a bit smaller than Theo's.

Roger came down for a walk and took this behind my back.

Roger and 'Tommy' Ruffe

Please stop for a chat if you see me fishing!

I ended the day with about 40 fish and a weight of 1.84 kg.

Not bad for a Bloodworm beginner

Theo had the edge on me today though, with his two big Perch and big Roach pushing up his weight to 2.43 kg.

Theo's catch - the 3 big fish got me

Roger and Helmut had much smaller fish and not as many. It was windier where they were and it felt much colder.

Theo and I had a pretty good day and went home happy. It was a warmish day and it stayed dry, so all-in-all not a bad days fishing.

Guido Nullens catching a 'ton' of small Roach

Guido managed to whittle out about a ton  (100) of small Roach on a size 22 hook and single Bloodworm. Good angling - but then again, he was World Champion in 2005!

I think the Bloodworm and Joker were good, because I never had a bite on caster, pinkie or maggot. I think I will have to try the Bloodworm again.

Tight Lines,